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                Welcome to the Twilfire Site!                

This was originally an informational site about four species of animals that I happen to know a lot about, but I've been continuously adding fun things to make it more interesting, and now the Activities have become the main attraction.

The informational part tells about horses, wolves, guinea pigs, and unicorns. History, colourings, and other facts about horses, a little info on wolves, and lots on guinea pigs (training, understanding, caring, feeding, exercising, etc.). A load about the real existing unicorns.

The Activities part has about three kinds of adoptions, one better than the previous, including (listing from oldest to newest) animated unicorns, normal adoptions with non-transparent backrounds, and about ten kinds of growing adoptions. It also has jokes, offline games that you can play, a horse drawing section, and if you want more, just follow the link above!        

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