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Image from Orange October

My name is Kat. Today, when I finished this site, (14th July, 2003) I'm 11 and a half years old. I love nature, especially what you people call 'fantasy' creatures, like unicorns. I am an artist and you can view some of my pencil works (oil works coming later!) if you click here. I'm sorry if you didn't like this site, or if the layout is muddled up on your computer (eg. the headline is not in the middle) - it's because the length and width of your computer screen are not the same as the computer I was working on. If you think there's something I really need to improve on the site, or have comments, please e-mail me. 

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According to this, I'm a Rune dragon.

The following are from the Skyhaven Adoption Hunt.









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