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Here are the animals (mostly horses) that I have adopted on various sites. You can also adopt some unicorns that I made on the 'Adopt a Unicorn' page.







These are the Grazes of Sunshine. Here live the most cheerful of my stock. Twilight is very energetic, she likes to run around and graze. Shadow is good at performing the Levade. He often shows off in front of Twilight. Flower pays a lot of attention to being pretty, and to the flowers in her mane. Mini and Minki just eat grass peacefully, occasionally nibbling each other. And, finally, there is Sun Dancer - well, he loves to dance in the sun.





This is the Tendermist Forest. Its inhabitors don't really like bright sunlight. Snowlight is the white unicorn with a golden horn. He enjoys running around wildely in the woods. He came from the same family as Sun Dancer. The wolf on the left is Balto. He is very gentle, he eats dogfood, and never even thinks of killing anything. Right before you stands Emilia. She is very ancient, the oldest unicorn around. She prefers peace and quiet. She can make herself invisible, and can calm creatures who mean harm. (Not that she needs to anymore.)





These are the Skylands of Hope. The physically strongest creatures live here. Amethyst is young, but has very strong wings. She doesn't like to be alone and prefers company. Sky Soar, her brother, however, has a strong urge to explore the distand lands that seem as blue as he is. Gentle, Glimpse, and Windbreaker are the unicorn family. Gentle is very quiet and kind, and is good a becoming invisible. Windbreaker is very fast and cunning, the fastest runner around. Glimpse is still a baby, but it seems he has his father's talent. Rain Dancer, the prancing stallion on the right, is also Gentle and Windbreaker's son. He is fast, has strong muscles, and is one of the Guardians. Crystal, daughter of Emilia, is also a Guardian. She is not as strong as Rain Dancer, but has powerful magic.



                                                                          Sea of Storms




"Welcome to the Sea of Storms. Actually, if not for Mermida, it would not really bea a Sea of Storms. Mermida has a shiny coat, scales, (the fish half of her), and loves to kick up storms with her tail.





This is Raicorn. He is the greatest Pegasus in my stock. People say his mother was the Rainbow, and his father was the Sun. He and Venus raised Amethyst and Sky Soar. Below is Venus. I've heard she descended from the Greek Pegasus. She is gentle, beautiful, and of a wonderful temperament.









This is Silvermane. He is a character from a book that I already started to write, bu have not finished yet. Of course, I'll let you know when I am, in case you'll want to read it.






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