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                         Life in a Pack


Animals need three major things to survive - food, water, and air. In summer, none of these things are a problem, and wolves split into pairs, build a safe shelter, and raise puppies. In winter... there's always air, they can eat snow if there's no water, but getting food requires life in a pack.

In every pack, hierarchy rules. The pack has two dominant leaders - the alpha male and the alpha female - they can be the strongest, smartest, or most experienced wolves in the pack. They are the only ones to breed. After a hunt, if it was successful, the wolves will first wait for the leaders to eat out the best pieces, and when the leaders have eaten, the wolves of the next highest rank will eat. Sometimes it might even result that the wolves of the lowest rank get nothing!         All  the other members of the pack always have to obey the leaders. If any wolf disobeys the rules, he will have to fight one of the alpha wolves. If he wins, he will become the alpha wolf, and the original leader will leave the pack. If the leader wins, the disobeying wolf will have to leave the pack.

Each wolf pack has owns a wide area. That is their territory - they will fight any other wolf packs that dare to stray into their land. Or, if it's just one stray wolf, they might allow him to join the pack.



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