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This is a site with information about four species of animals (horses, wolves, guinea pigs, unicorns) and three kinds of fantasy adoptions, including animated unicorns, dragons, and growing phoenixes.

Before you  start looking at this site, you might want to know what it's about. Click the "About Site" button above to do that. Click on "Favourites" to see what this site has got: information, adoptions, games, and more...

Remember, this site gets updated roughly every month, so there'll always be more adoptions and things to do.    


4 Sep. 2005

You can now adopt nightmares. Check the Other Adoptions section.

The Holiday Adoptions have been updated again, in the Halloween theme.

There is now a Holiday Adoption Archives page, where you can view and adopt any of the critters ever displayed as Seasonal Adoptions!

And last, some new Jokes have been added.

4 Feb. 2005

I've updated the Holiday Adoptions.

29 Oct. 2004

You can now adopt peruvian guinea pigs! Go to the Other Adoptions section.

The pegasi in the Other Adoptions section are now updated.

13 Sep. 2004

There's a new page in the Guinea Pigs section on Illnesses. I am no vet, so I don't know the cure from every illness, but you will find out about general care and prevention from illnesses.

30 Aug. 2004

Another late update... The Holiday Adoptions now has summer unicorns...  Also I've updated the horses and unicorns in the Other Adoptions section.

11 Apr. 2004

This site hasn't been updated in a long time... Well, Easter is here so I can't ignore my Holiday Adoptions section. Check there to see the cutest things!

25 Dec. 2003

I've added Holiday Adoptions to the site! You can get to them from the Activities section. Right now you can adopt a few Christmas unicorns, and one Christmas lanie.

27 Nov. 2003

There's another topic in the 'Favourites'. Up to now there'd only been horses, wolves, and guinea pigs, now there's also a whole topic on unicorns.

16 Nov. 2003

I thought I'd just say exactly what can be adopted in the Eversprings (the quest/adoption hunt with growing adoptions): Squirrels, rabbits, deer, phoenixes, wolves, horses, water elementals, lizzementals (elemental wyverns without legs), unicorns, willo o' wisps, pegasi, nightmares (horses with bat wings), lanies (cross between horse and antelope), and various accessories for the adoptees' pages.

The 'Draw a Horse' has been updated, and the horse you draw is better looking. Also, the instructions are more detailed. Be sure to visit, please, especially if you've been there before and didn't like it.

18 Oct. 2003

The new branch is getting BIGGER! Get willo'wisps, nightmares, and all kinds of nature accessories. Also go there to see a great list of links in the form of my own adoptions.

20 Sept. 2003

There's a new branch in the Activities section, with growing adoptions like phoenixes, horses, and strange things called Lizzementals, and lots of others.

15 Sept. 2003

There are now more creatures to adopt! Now you can adopt dragons, hippocampi, horses, pegasi, mermaids, and unicorns of a different kind! Check out the 'Other Adoptions.'

29 Aug. 2003

I have fourteen more unicorns for adoption now, with five more magical colours, and nine more real colours!




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 Last updated on 4th Sep. 2005


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