Keeping Your Guinea Pig Fit


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Guinea pigs need to stay fit and healthy, and for that, they need to get daily exercise. If the cage is big enough, you could set up some exercise objects inside it, if not, you can set a playground in the house. Here are some ideas;

In the cage;

1. Get a big piece of cardboard (or wood) and cut a hole about three or four centimeters above the horizontal edge. Attach the cardboard across the cage, blocking the way completely. Organise food and drink on one side and rest places on the other. A guinea pig would have to climb through the hole in order to eat.

2. You can attach green food to the top of the cage, so that it hangs down slightly. A guinea pig would have to stand up on its hind legs to get the food.

3. Guinea pigs should not be eating or drinking because they have nothing else to do. That makes them fat, and fat guinea pigs live less. First, once the meal is finished and the guinea pigs are lying down, resting, throw away any leftovers. Second, put some large rocks and branches for your guinea pigs to sharpen their claws and to nibble.

On the playground;

1. Attach some boxes, fences, and wooden prisms to pieces of furniture, forming barriers, ladders, etc. Stick them firmly with tape or glue, as guinea pigs as very strong and might knock them out if they can.

2. Make your guinea pigs some cozy nests of large boxes, tubes, and other shelters.

3. Fill the playground with balls, squeak-toys, bells, and other interesting objects. For example, you can attach a bell as described in Guinea Pig Training and tie a treat to the string. The guinea pigs will ring trying to pull the treat out!

4. It has been found out that guinea pigs prefer to go on certain surfaces. Get a large box and put a large paper towel inside, and have it serve as a litterbox.




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