Guinea Pig Games


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You can play some games with the guinea pig. Here are ideas;

What do You Like?

This simple game can help you find out what your guinea pig likes. It will help you later with the training.

Fill a bowl with several small pieces of food, of all the types you ever feed to your guinea pigs. Then place a hungry guinea pig next to the bowl. Watch and notice what food the guinea pig eats first, second, and last. The first food the guinea pig chose is its most favourite. This way you know what the animal likes most and you know what to reward it with during training and holidays. Guinea pigs can have holidays too, don't you think?

Recognising Colour

Put four feed bowls in a row. The bowls must be of certain colours: red, blue, green and yellow. Fill the red food bowl with some guinea pig delicacy, and let in the guinea pig. The guinea pig will eat out of the red bowl. Repeat this several times, then do this with the food in the blue bowl. The guinea pig will still run to the red bowl!


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