Stone Field


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You walk along a path of rainbow coloured flowers.



Suddenly a beautiful glade comes into view. The glade reminds a druid circle, the giant stones and boulders are scattered logiclessly around.

"This is the Stone Field," says Kaytara. "From here you can get to almost anywhere in the forest."

In front of you is another giant stone with the engraved map on it.


"Stone Field is where we are right now. You can always get back here by following the colourful flowers.


Squirrelwood is the biggest forest in the Eversprings. It is inhabited almost entirely by plant-eating animals. There you can adopt various creatures, such as deer, squirrels, and birds.


Cilazon Jungles is where you can adopt wolves.

But also next to the Cilazons is the Forest of Lana. There you can see as well as adopt Lanies.


Bunny's Grasslands is a large territory of plains. Horses, eagles, and other animals dwell there.


Quartzwater Stream is the only river in here. Some water creatures like living in there.


Waterfall of the Elemental is where you can see Lizzementals.


Mountains of the Winged Ones is the home of the Pegasi. That's also where the Dragonarium is - the home of Kat's adopted dragons. And also the Gryphon Cliffs."

"Hm. I wonder who DOES visit those self adoptions," you say.

Kaytara looks offended.

"For your information, a list of self-adoptions is a great list of links, and Kat, may I tell you, has got a taste in creatures.


Here you can visit Kat's horse, Moonjade.


And here is also another page to be occupied by someone...


Forest of Silent Mists is the only other place here where you can sometimes spot unicorn herds. Also there you can adopt Willo'wisps. And the Black Stripe Forests is the protective barrier that surrounds the Eversprings. Only few come here - the good people like you."


"What about these?" you ask, pointing to the lettering "Forest of Blackbark". Kaytara shivers.

"I don't like to go there. The dark creatures dwell there - snakes, spiders, nightmares - the sort. There're also the Dark Wolves adoptions in there. So, where do you want to go? Just click on the underlined words above. Or do you want to take some accessories for your animals?"


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