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These are some off-line games. To play them, the most you need is paper and a pencil.


To play this game, you need a few sheets of paper, and a few pencils (depending on the number of players).

Sit in a circle. Fill each sheet with words and phrases like "and", "then", "resulting", "to", "so", "in order to", and others. Leave empty spaces in between. Place the space-and-word one beneath the other, so that the person has plenty of space to write.

Start the game. Each player should fill in the empty space at the very top. When finished, one should fold the paper so that the filled-in part can't be seen. When everybody is done, each sheet should be passed to the person to the right or the left of the player. Continue this until all the papers are completely filled in. Then, unfold the papers, and read them out loud. You're sure to get a lot of funny moments!

This is how each paper might look: (the underline are the filled-in parts.)




                                 to work

                                and met

                                an elephant

                                they said

                         "Let's go and dance!"


                              they got eaten

                                then they

                         decided to buy a bike

                                as a result

                         they came to Hogwarts


This game is similar to Nonsense, but with no materials. At least two people have to be playing.

One of the players is chosen the asker. All the other players have to pick a word, a noun. They don't tell the word anyone. Then the asker asks each of them a (preferably different) question, which can be answered with a noun. The question has to be answered with the word the asked person picked.

This game can provide you lots of funny moments. Example:

Q: What will be the most terrible monster Harry Potter will have to face in the sixth book?

A: A sock!


This game only requires two mouths and some brains. At least two people must be playing, but it's also the best number, as with three or more it gets confusing.

One of the people must be asking questions, which can be of any type. The person must reply with the answer to the previous question. That of course, means that you don't say anything at all for the first question. With three or more people, the asker asks them in turns. If the answer to the previous question correctly answers the asked question (if the answer is true), the person being asked becomes the asker. Note: the replier must answer truly, not make up things.

Q: What is your name?


Q: What school do you go to?

A: Jim.

Q: What plant is bread made of?

A: International School of Wiesbaden.

Q: What crop has to be picked, worked on at a windmill, and baked to be edible?

A: Wheat.

    The answer is true and the person is now asking.



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