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Here you can win my Award of Magic. Here are the rules and some details:

1. Of course, you need to have a child-safe site, which means no bad words, swearing, child-forbidden information, etc.

2. The site can be a personal, informational, fun site, and the like. Not a commercial or company site.

3. Your site doesn't have to be exactly magical (dragons as backround, unicorn as the mouse icon, faerish music, etc.) but you have higher chances of winning the award if it has something on magical creatures. That can be information, games, adoptions, and the like.

4. Your site has to be in English.

If you want to try win the award you have to E-mail me. In the e-mail you have to include your name (optional), your e-mail (otherwise how can I contact you?), and your homepage name and URL (otherwise how can I look at your site and possibly decide it is worthy of the award?)

I will visit your site and maybe I'll email you an award that'll look something like this:




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