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Here you can win a prize - a unicorn. Not like the ones on the adoption pages, but a really beautiful one. Plus, an award. To win one, you just have to find all the web guardians on this site. (Note: guardians on the whole site except the Everspring Forest) Here are the rules:

There are web guardians spread throughout the website. As you move through the website, keep your eyes peeled for creatures. Since this site is not a great super-decorated place, finding a web guardian makes no difficulty. When you find a guardian, right click on it, and choose the "save picture" option. In the window where it asks you to name the document, you will see the creature's name. Choose the 'cancel' option to go back to the site.

If you find a creature, remember or write down its name, and the name of the page (example as here: 'Win a Prize!'). The name of the page is located at the top of the page.

Once you are sure that there is no guardian on the site that you don't know of, copy and paste the form below into an E-mail, and fill out the form. Don't forget to point out the wanted colour of the prize unicorn.

Here. All the names here are the names of the creatures you have to find. Write the creature's location near the name, and send it as an E-mail to me. I've filled in one of the locations for you.











Rain Dancer:


Sun Dancer: 'Win a Prize'





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