Unicorns: Fact or Fiction?


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                     Article by Me


What happened to the unicorns?

That has been the question of many people over the past few years. Most of them however, seem inclined to believe the story of the 'Noah's Ark'. But I am not, for several reasons - first, God flooding the world is physically impossible, second, the unicorns would not hide and be left out on the flooded land, they're proud but not that stupid, third, the story only makes sense to those who believe in God.

My opinion is that the song was made up because of the man's unwillingness to admit his mistake.

There had been encounters of unicorns over the past few years, some of which only the encounterers know about. Really, if you saw such a beautiful, rare, mythical beast as a unicorn, would you really jump to the journalist about it, and have scientists attach wires and devices to the creature?




The unicorns lived in harmony with all the other creatures, healing injured animals, conning the water, and receiving the well-deserved respect. But when the land was invaded by human greed and cruelty, there was no space left for the unicorns, who were particularly unfamiliar with the danger the humans presented. Invincible to tricksters, but sensitive to innocence, it became a tempting target for humans, whose greed drove the intelligence. The hunters would wait for the unicorn to come to a young maid, the maid would slip a golden bridle onto the unicorn's head, and then the hunters would attack it.




The horn of the unicorn, the alicorn, served for many purposes. Unfortunately for the animal, many, - or most of them - worked without the horn attached to the unicorn. The alicorn is particularly famous for detecting and curing poison and diseases. If you took an alicorn and used it to draw a circle on the ground, then put a poisonous animal inside the circle, the animal would not leave the circle, and starve. If you put an alicorn inside a glass of poisoned drink, the poison would lose its effectiveness. There are many more ways for the horn to interact with poison, or other bad substances. These qualities made the alicorn a popular ingredient, especially in Medieval Italy, where poisoning was a common way of murder.

There is also a legend of a ruby stone called Carbuncle, the king of gems. It is believed to be found at the base of the horn of the most ancient male unicorns. Now the Carbuncle is believed to be made of crystallised blood at the horn.



The European unicorn, the most famous one, (among the Chinese and the African breeds) is not the well-known "horse with a horn". It may look like a horse, but actually it descended from an antelope. The animal had two spiraled horns, placed one after the other on the forehead. Then one of the horns grew in. The European unicorn has two-toed hoofs, the tail is either a horse one, or a "lion" one very overgrown with hair (probably the latter).




Right now there are very few unicorns living in the world, perhaps little more than a dozen for the planet. They are hiding in the deepest and most untouched parts of the largest forests, mostly in Asia, India, and some parts of America. Are unicorns fact or fiction? You have to decide for yourself, for if you don't believe in them as real, although magical animals, your children will never forgive us if we allow such a magnificent animal to become extinct.





Copyright(c) 2003 Ekaterina Romanova. All Rights Reserved.