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These are some links to some sites that I found to be very good. The ones closest to the top are the ones I recommend to visit most.


Skyhaven Adoption Centre

Great site! Lots of adoptables! Even an adoption hunt! GO THERE! NOW!!!


Lady in Black

A site with beautiful adoptables.



Here you can adopt fantastically drawn, beautiful Zykiox creatures: from a Faerie Dragon to a pegasus-like Siapeg.



I strongly recommend to visit. This site feels magical, and has very nice adoptions.


The Danish Farm

Here you can adopt ANYTHING you might encounter at a farm, from cows to rabbits and guinea pigs.


Secret Garden

A nice site with magical adoptions.



A site with a variety of things to adopt.


Fox Prints

A site where you can adopt wolf-fox things called kistunes.


Emerald Valley

A 'My Little Pony' themed site with very cute pony/unicorn/pegasus adoptions.


Pet Store

Very nice adoptions.


Site (Name unknown)

Good adoptions.


Alexia's Adoption Centre (also known as 'Dragon Dream')

A good site with great adoptions.


Lady Becky's Cyber Adoptions

A site where you can adopt very beautiful unicorns.


AngelFae's Chimera Dreams
A great site with all kinds of cute creatures to adopt.


Enchanted Hollow

A fantastic adoption site where you can adopt fairies and pixies of all sorts.


Web Guardians

A nice adoption site where you can adopt creatures to guard your webpages.


Unicorns Page

This is is webpage that describes unicorns as they are today.



Another site with REAL information about unicorns, unicorn history, and other.


Michyland Adoption Centre

A TERRIFIC site with creatures to adopt, like fairies, unicorns, and hippocampi.


Nightstorm Stables

A VERY good site with VERY good horse and pegasus adoptions.


The Mystical Unicorns Adoption Centre

A good adoption site with about twenty different coloured cute unicorns.



Adoptions by Kuntry Sue

A nice site with very cute animals to adopt.




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