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What they really are:

Unicorns are very famous creatures, but few people actually take them right. First of all: what do they look like? Some think a unicorn is a savage animal with a black, red, and white horn. That is quite right, but that is not the all-famous kind of 'horse with a horn', but one of its relatives. The 'horse with a horn' is the Europian Unicorn.

But the Europian Unicorn (nor are all the other unicornus species) is not actually a horse, and calling it a horse if you see one is the greatest insult. The unicorn as we know it descended from an antelope-like two-horned animal, that had two horns growing one after the other on the forehead. That is also the explanation for the cloven hooves, the feathered feet and the beard, which the males have. Another famous question: does the unicorn really have a lion's tail? Below is the image of the heraldric unicorn.


The real image of the unicorn is a "lion's" tail indeed, but in fact one that is so covered with hair that it is often mistaken for a horse's.

The horn of the unicorn, called the Alicorn, is neither crystal, gold, fiery, or pure white, but actually a normal bone colour. Rumours say that a giant ruby can be found at the base of an ancient male unicorn's horn. Reaserches have shown that the ruby is really made of crystallised blood.


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