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Unicorn Watching

Unicorns still inhabit some forests in Asia, Norway, and Siberia, and here is what one should do if he wants to see a unicorn:

Upon entering the area known to be inhabited by unicorns;

Don't wear any hair dye or perfumes. Besides, if you are really worthy, you would not want to anyway.

Don't wear any clothes or take any food made of killed animals, like leather boots and fish sandwiches.

Wearing protective colouration clothing like those military people wear won't help, as unicorns can't be fooled by such things.

Travel by foot, not by bike. A car or a truck isn't even worth mentioning.

Walk normally, but slowly. Do not sneak like a predactor or run, crushing eveything on your way.

Do not ride, or be acompanied by an equine (horse creature).

Do not make a fire unless you are literally freezing.

Travel alone, or with someone you trust not to spoil the trip.

If you see any tracks that might be unicorn, do not try and take a casting of them.

If you actually manage to see a unicorn, don't hurry to take a photo. If you need something to prove yourself that you didn't dream it, take a sketch.


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