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Lifestyle and Fawning

Unicorns are extremely solitary creatures, only coming together for mating about once every 50 years. Due to their connection with deer and antelopes, a male unicorn is called a stag, a female unicorn is called a doe, and a baby is called a fawn.

A unicorn is born looking like a horse, with a waxy substance where the horn should be. As soon as it is born, the substance begins to itch, and the mother licks it off. The horn immediately starts growing. At the first few hours it grows very fast, an inch every hour, but it slows down gradually, so at the end of the first week it will be an inch every two days, and at the age of one month it might be an inch in two months. This means, the older the unicorn, the longer its horn is and the slower it grows in the future.


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