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Unicorns Among People

Sometimes people are born who are like unicorns.

They love animals, nature, and unicorns for no real reason - just because they're who they are.

They will always try to help animals that are treated badly.

They are usually kind and honest, and expect others to be the same.

They are not violent, but will fiercely defend their ideals.

They might have a little or no friends at all, as they only feel comfortable among those of their own kind.

These are the main characteristics of unicorn humans, but below are some that are not encountered in all of them.

Some are very proud, and will only admit their mistake if they can admit it to themselves.

Many are very determined about protecting something (for example, saving an ant colony from being burned by a much older kid).

Some have similar talents as the real unicorns: for example, good skills at running and jumping (the real unicorns can run faster than any thoroughbred).

Some have strange abilities, for example healing.

Healing doesn't mean that a flash or light surrounds a wound touched by a unicorn person. It means that the person who has a headache or any other sort of pain feels better upon being touched, or held a hand over.

The determency of a unicorn person can be used for different deeds, some more important than other, but saving anything is important, from a wasp to a panda bear. I know an eleven-year old girl who was once walking her five-year old sister in the yard, along with two seven-year olds, and saw two eighteen-year olds trying to burn a colony of ants with young queens. The girl stood over the ants, speaking with the teenages, and, although they could have well beaten her up, they left.

There are few unicorn people living, but probably most of them are destined to see a real unicorn, and surely to do something truly great.


Copyright(c) 2003 Ekaterina Romanova. All Rights Reserved.