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A Unicorn's Magic

Unicorns are powerful and very majestic animals. As unicorns gain age (which can last forever, as they live for a VERY long time) they become wiser and more powerful.

But below is the most known magic a unicorn uses.

Water Conning: When a unicorn touches the water with his or her horn, the water is purified of poison, pollution, and similar substances. This is called water conning and is the reason other animals always let a unicorn drink first.


Healing: If a unicorn touches you with his horn, not only will all your wounds heal, but it can bring you back to life if you have been dead for less than an hour.


Invisibility: A mature unicorn is capable of becoming invisible, a spell used for hiding.



Unfortunately, some spells also work without the horn's contact with the unicorn itself, otherwise the unicorns wouldn't be on the edge of extinction:

If you put an Alicorn, (name for a unicorn's horn) into a cup filled with poisoned drink, the poison will lose its effectiveness.

If you draw a circle on the ground with an Alicorn, and put a poisonous animal inside it, the animal will not be able to leave the circle.

If you put an alicorn (or a unicorn hoof) near a dining table, cold poisoned food will steam.


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