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Why and How they were Hunted

If you have read the 'Magic' section, it is clear to you why the unicorn was so popular to be hunted, especially in Medieval Italy where poisoning was a common way of murder.

The unicorn is a gentle, proud, but fierce beast, who is also very intelligent and therefore, almost impossible to capture the way you would capture a deer. We humans are an unworthy race to even look at a being of elemental beauty, let alone try to trick it, just to kill it for its horn.

Which is what our ancestors did. A unicorn is known to be noble and intelligent, but has a strange downfall for someone innocent and beautiful. There are many stories of young maidens who once had a unicorn sleep on their lap, combed his mane, and some even rode him. Apparently, not all maidens were pure enough to keep it a secret, and word had spread throughout the world, that a unicorn can be tamed with purity.

After that knights and hunters would pay maidens to attract unicorns, or would watch them. When a unicorn would come forward and put his head on the maiden's lap, a maiden who has been payed to do so would slip a golden bridle over the unicorn's neck. The unicorn would be ensnared, and it would be impossible for him to escape when the hunters come out and kill him.


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