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Unicorns Now

Unicorns still exist in more than bedtime stories, but only in the deepest forests in Asia, Norway, Siberia, and Mexica, which is where there had been reported sightings and even photographical proof.

Unicorns are being forced deeper and deeper as the forests shrink, and although their magic still keeps those pools clean and the vegetation growing, an animal can't live long if it needs to constantly battle and rely on the nature, that relies on him.

There hadn't been much reported sightings since about the 1960s. That can be bad, as it might indicate that the unicorns have finally disappeared, or good, suggesting less people let out the holy secret of an encounter with a unicorn.

One more thing: unicorns did NOT disappear, and if they did, it is NOT because they're too proud and didn't come onto Noah's Ark. Unicorns are proud, but intelligent and not stupid, after all.


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