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What Unicorns Should Be Taken As

Most people don't care about unicorns, think they're stupid, or love them just because they're cool. These people are absoulutely NOT unicorn humans. On some personal site I found something like this on the site maker description: 'I like unicorns, faeries, and Pokemons.' That isn't right! And first of all: unicorns are beautiful, not pretty or cool.

Some people don't believe in magic or unicorns for the simple reason that no one has seen magic for many years. But then think about what might an alien on some faraway planet be thinking: 'Humans don't exist. It's been many centuries since we saw humans.'

For some reason, some people don't believe in magic, but believe in science, just because it's 'cool'. Some 'smart' people think that magic is just some science that hasn't been explained yet. That's quite fine, although how would you explain that a faerie flies with those light butterfly wings supporting the heavy body, and that a unicorn can make himself completely invisible?


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